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About Us


We are a Team of Indian cuisine passionates whose mission it is to bring authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani straight to the doorsteps of our Dublin Customers.

We have embraced the traditional cooking methods and recipes to prepare the exceptional dishes at affordable prices - truly royal treats at our Customers' fingertips. Our Biryani is prepared from the finest ingredients and carefully cooked to the right degree in the traditional biryani handi.

The unique blend of spices and herbs, aromatic long grain rice, succulent pieces of meat or a selection of fresh vegetables make our Biryani an unforgettable dish - a perfect choice, whether you want to enjoy it for your lunch or dinner.

Our Biryani, as well as the selection of tasteful starters and traditional Hyderabadi desserts, can be delivered to your location or collected in our kitchen within the following working hours:

Mon - Sun, 05:00pm-11:00pm

Go to www.biryanibox.ie or download the BiryaniBox app to place your order online. 

You may also call us at
(086 841 9332)


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We look forward to hearing from you.
Note: The meat used in our products is Halal.